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IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate's

Reto Kaiser
Preferably we want to achieve:
- No download of full tarball for users that use the system jre
- Default of installing the bundled jre (because that's the recommendation
from jetbrains).
- Only 1 source package to reduce maintenance

I count 4 options:
A) 2 packages: "base-with-jre" and "base-without-jre"
B) 2 packages: "base" opt-depends on "jre-bundled" or a system jre
C) 1 split-package generating the 2 packages from option B
D) 1 split-package generating 4 packages: "base", "base-jre-meta",
"base-jre-system", "base-jre-bundled"

I think A) and C) are the best compromises. We're currently using A). So
I'm fine with keeping it as it is now.