KDE - desktop shortcuts, desktop effects lost on latest update?

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KDE - desktop shortcuts, desktop effects lost on latest update?

David C. Rankin

  I don't know if this is KDE or Arch, but on update to KDE Frameworks 5.44
and Qt 5.10, much of the desktop keyboard shortcuts I had for next->desktop,
window->next->desktop, etc.. are just gone. Also gone are the desktop effect
for "Minimize" (the old wobbly windows), and the Desktop Cube no longer has
default activation (which was ctrl+f11 and the variants for sphere, etc... It
appears those effects and the other shortcut keys were just removed from KDE.
Has anybody else experienced this?

  This is on a spare drive to my laptop that I use infrequently, with 30 - 60
days between drive installs and updates. Best I can recall they were working
fine around the beginning of the year, but now it was just like they were not
there today. The dialog for the minimize effect is gone completely. The
Desktop Cube can still be selected for paging, but the control key combination
no longer invoke that animation? It's like they were ditched by Plasma. Were
these deprecated with some kind of notice somewhere?

  I've checked kde.org, and searched, but did not find any notice that they
had been removed. Anyone notice anything similar?

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.