Mesa, Nvidia and libglvnd (the good, the bad and the ugly) :-) -second try-

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Mesa, Nvidia and libglvnd (the good, the bad and the ugly) :-) -second try-

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For the past few releases nvidia has supported the installation of several
libgl without hacks (currently nvidia-libgl and mesa-libgl). Using some
patches from upstream and Fedora, we are planning to introduce libglvnd
support in mesa-17.0.

What does it mean?
Mesa and Nvidia will be able to live together in perfect harmony.  Mesa and
Nvidia will no longer provide mesa-libgl and nvidia-libgl, which will be
obsolete. The new libglvnd package will provide libgl support and will depend
on an opengl-driver, which mesa and nvidia will provide.
* The nvidia-340xx driver will still work but will probably need a specific
(non libglvnd?) mesa version.
* The nvidia-304xx driver will be moved to unsupported.
* Bumblebee will need some patches (1). Prime is also supported as a
workaround (2)

The first step is a new xorg-server version (1.19.1-3) with upstream patches
to improve outputclass support and without the symlink hack (3), now
using ModulePath xorg option (4) and adapt Nvidia and Mesa drivers. Once Mesa
17.0 is released, the next step will be the libglvnd move...

(4) man xorg.conf

Laurent Carlier

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