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Perl 5.26, as any other new perl version, requires all modules that are
not purely perl code to be rebuilt. We did that for all packages in our

For a list of upstream changes please refer to `man perldelta`[1].


Please note that the current directory (".") is no longer included by
default at the end of the module search path (@INC). This may have
widespread implications for the building, testing and installing of
modules, and for the execution of scripts. See the section "Removal of
the current directory (".") from @INC" in `man perldelta` for the full

Since our users probably installed some from AUR or with
CPANPLUS::Dist::Arch, I wrote a script[2] that generates a local rebuild
list. To use it you will also need this[3].

Note that:
 - some modules simply don't support being loaded directly (Irssi,
   SVN::_Core, Tk::Entry among others) so also run the test
   (`perl -M$module -e1`) manually before reporting.
 - site_perl overrides vendor_perl so if you fix an error for a module
   in site_perl you have to run the script again afterwards.


Binaries linking with will also need to be rebuilt. You can
use lddd from devtools to find those.

Please report any issue you encounter.


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