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atheros + kismet hangs system

Jeffrey 'jf' Lim
hi guys, as per subject. I've been trying to get my atheros card
working with kismet, but have not had any luck doing it. The problem
right now is, running kismet either hangs my system (madwifi-ng mode),
or just quits (no error messages).

In addition, i need to clarify something: the 'madwifi' in extra right
now - is it the new 'madwifi-ng'??? or the madwifi-"old"??? It seems
like it's madwifi-ng (the version number agrees), but the funny thing
is about the package is that (and here is the confusing part) it is
named 'madwifi', ~provides~ 'madwifi-ng'... but *conflicts* with
'madwifi-ng'? (see 'pacman -Qi madwifi')

Now if i were to treat the package as the '-ng' package, i would use
the following lines in kismet.conf:

But running kismet just produces the following output before my system hangs:
<snip - standard kismet messages>
Source 0 (ATH): Enabling monitor mode for madwifi_g source interface
wifi0 channel 6...
NOTICE:  Created Madwifi-NG VAP kis
WARNING: wifi0 appears to be using Madwifi-NG.  Some versions of the
Madwifi-NG drivers have problems in monitor mode, especially if
non-monitor VAPs are active.  If you experience problems, be sure to
try the latest versions of Madwifi-NG and remove other VAPs
Source 0 (ATH): Opening madwifi_g source interface kis...
Spawned channelc control process 2791
Dropped privs to xx (nnnn) gid 100
Allowing clients to fetch WEP keys.
configdir '/home/xx/.kismet/' does not exist, making it.

I have removed the non-monitor VAP (ath0), btw ('wlanconfig ath0
destroy'). When i reboot, i check on /home/xx/.kismet - it's not
created. I get no logs, no error messages... nothing.

What am i doing wrong here? I've tried booting with Knoppix, and
trying its kismet. It works, but with the madwifi-old drivers (I use
'ath0', instead of 'wifi0').


"It's so hard to write a graphics driver that open-sourcing it would not help."
    -- Andrew Fear, Software Product Manager, NVIDIA Corporation

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