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[ppc] News: FTP Archive corrupted & fixed

Alexander Baldeck
Dear Archlinux PowerPC users,

we just recently moved to another data center but since the old machine
was still available, we kept on running ftp.archlinuxppc.org on there
while ftp2.archlinuxppc.org was at the new location.

Now that we've experienced checksum errors in the pkg.db & severe
package reoccurring corruptions we shut down the machine completely. It
will stay offline as we decided to get yet another blade at our new data
center for redundancy of the archive.

ftp.archlinuxppc.org has been updated to point at the new FTP service
already and thus should either not be reachable or the correct server.
In the best case you don't have to change your setup the slightest, if
you provider's DNS caches, make sure to use ftp2.archlinuxppc.org.

We're very sorry for the inconvenience and hope we didn't cause too much

Your PPC Team

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